Group introduction

Bright Automatrix Inc was established in 2005, Group covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters (of which covers an area of 10,000 square meters, Suzhou Branch covers an area of 6,000 square meters, headquarters in Shenzhen with number of employees nearly 1000 people. Also in East China Suzhou; North China Yantai; Southwest Chengdu; Central China Zhengzhou and the United States have branches or offices in California. Bright is specialized in 3C consumer industry (including machine, accessories, modules); new energy battery industry: FPC industry; LCD, touch, OLED industry; audio industry; automotive industry intelligent automation equipment and test equipment. In the AOI equipment, dispenser equipment, laser laser equipment and other fields have outstanding achievements. We have a set of management, research and development, production and service of the professional elite team, to optimize the quality, improve efficiency, improve service three purposes, has become the world's leading electronic product testing rankings Group products cover almost All electronic, digital testing and other related services.

We have a set of management, RD, production, services of professional team, implement the optimization quality and promoted efficiency, improving the service objective.Becoming the world's top electronics tester.The product of our group almost cover all electrical,diginal test and relative service field.


★Assembly BU:All kinds of production, assembly, packaging related automation machine;

★Testing BU:Touch screen, LCD, FPC, Camera, Leakaging, magnetic flux、RF test machine, system & equipment;

★ FPC BU: All kinds of FPC test fixture, equipment, assembly fixture, equipment, bending fixture, equipment;

★ touch, panel, OLED BU: All kinds of touch industry, panel industry, OLED industry assembly class fixture, equipment, test fixture, equipment;

★ AOI BU: Comestic, size, thickness, clearance, defects, color and other automated testing equipment;

★ Dispensing BU: All kinds of products on-line multi-axis spray equipment, UV, AB plastic dispensing equipment;

★ Laser BU: Laser technology application equipment;

New  energy battery BU: All kinds of products, battery automation production lines, production, assembly, testing automation equipment;

New  energy vehicle BU: All kinds of used in automotive assembly automation equipment development and automotive electronic test equipment development;

★ RF & Acoustics BU: All kinds of RF & acoustics products test fixture, equipment;