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Borfeet organize all staffs for the activity of "kwai garden walk"


Outing In Garden Kwai


March 18 afternoon, in response to the company's action call, carrying  "Bo"  as big mind, a "Hui" as splendid performance, earning  "Te " special honor, Shenzhen Bright Automatrixc. organized staff to carry out "Kwai Park Spring "activities.

In the early spring, millions of sunflowers are full of spring. Into the park, the air bursts of floral filled with all kinds of bridges, pavilions fountain, colored flowers decorated decorative corridor, filled with romantic, comfortable atmosphere. We walk along the main road, wandering in the film flowers, enjoy the joy of spring 

The activities not only provide staff with a relaxed spring activities, enrich the staff of the amateur cultural life, enhance the exchange and communication between employees, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, and enhance our team awareness. But also let everyone experience the unique Nansha pastoral culture, feel the warmth of home, won the staff of the welcome.

After the event, we all said that in the spring process of physical and mental have been a comprehensive relaxation, will be a better attitude into the next stage of the